Contributors Handbook
100% royalty
Every time a customer buys one of your product, you get paid the 100% of the price you set. Snipesales designed by creators for creators. Our mission is to make selling digital products simple and efficient. We called this – 100% business model. That means if you want to sell at $10 you get $10.
Cash-out policy
Monthly payments will be done in USD with PayPal. Minimum cash out limit is 50 USD.
Snipesales will transfer money directly to your PayPal account. Snipesales charges no fees. There might be fees added from your PayPal or bank account, which Snipesales will not cover e.g. To get more information about the specific details about the fees, please contact PayPal or your bank.
Refunds happen at the request of buyers if a product does not match the descriptions or a stolen credit card has been used to purchase. To avoid fraud, all accounts using stolen cards will be deleted. If you have information about suspicious activity, please contact
Incubus allows you to upload the only original files for which you hold the copyright. You agree to comply with this requirement, and you can only upload your products or products for which you own all copyrights or the legal distribution rights. Otherwise, your account will be deleted and the funds returned to the customers.
Cover size and ratio
Recommended artwork sizes and ratios:
  • Books 1x1.5
  • Music 1x1
  • Video 9:16
  • Other 1x1
Recommended minimum size 1000px
The Handbook and the conditions of use may be changed; please stay tuned. If you have any questions, please contact us at